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SelectedWorks Profiles Migrating to Georgia Southern Scholars, Summer & Fall 2024

Elsevier is sunsetting all SelectedWorks profiles on December 31, 2024, after which Georgia Southern’s SelectedWorks platform, profiles, and content will no longer be accessible. In response, the GS Libraries is migrating all Georgia Southern affiliated SelectedWorks profiles to the Elsevier Pure platform this summer and fall. This new platform will be called Georgia Southern Scholars


Why Is This Change Happening?

After 20 years, Elsevier has made the strategic decision to sunset the Expert Gallery / SelectedWorks suite and is offering institutions the opportunity to migrate their existing profiles to the Elsevier Pure research information management system (RIMS). To support this transition, the GS Libraries has subscribed to the Pure Core and Pure Portal modules, and is working with Elsevier to migrate all existing Georgia Southern affiliated SelectedWorks profiles to Georgia Southern Scholars this summer and fall.


What Is Elsevier Pure?

Elsevier Pure is the world’s leading research information management system (RIMS). Sometimes called “current research information systems” (CRIS), RIMS collect and store information on research activities and outputs such as researchers and their affiliations; publications, datasets, and patents; grants and funded projects; academic service and honors; media reports; and statements of impact. In addition to hosting faculty profiles, RIMS provide robust reporting features that help researchers and institutions track and analyze research activity and impact, identify research trends and grant opportunities, focus institutional resources, and encourage research collaborations.


What Will Change about My Current Profile?

With the transition to Pure, current SelectedWorks profile holders will receive access to a new scholarly profile on Georgia Southern Scholars. Profile holders will receive new profile URLs and new URLs for their scholarly outputs. Currently, Elsevier does not support redirects from SelectedWorks to Pure, either for profiles or for scholarly outputs. However, we are working with Elsevier to see if providing redirects is possible. If not, then current profile holders will need to update any legacy URLs appearing on CVs, syllabuses, personal websites, other profiles, or wherever they appear. Similarly, because Pure is a distinct platform from SelectedWorks, the Libraries may no longer be able to support certain profile customizations. 

Throughout migration, the Libraries will work closely with current profile holders to ensure that as much content as possible is preserved and accurately displayed in their new profiles. Although we are unable to provide a final cutover date at this time, the Libraries will work with Elsevier to ensure that all profile holders have adequate time to transition to their new profiles before their SelectedWorks profiles are no longer accessible. To ensure as little data as possible is lost during migration, we encourage all profile holders to discontinue editing their SelectedWorks profiles as soon as they are able.


What Is the Timeline for this Change and How Will I Be Informed?

The GS Libraries' current migration timeline is to prepare the Georgia Southern Scholars platform and perform testing during the spring 2024 semester, then perform the official content migration in late May or early June. After we officially migrate all Georgia Southern affiliated SelectedWorks profiles to Georgia Southern Scholars, any additional changes to SelectedWorks profiles will not be reflected on the new platform.

During the summer, the Libraries will perform content validation and prepare the Georgia Southern Scholars platform to launch publicly by the beginning of the fall 2024 semester. During the fall, the Libraries will promote the new platform and offer extensive training opportunities for current and new profile holders. The Libraries and Elsevier will sunset Georgia Southern’s SelectedWorks platform, profiles, and content during the fall 2024 semester after Georgia Southern Scholars is publicly released.

The Libraries will update this page and provide ongoing email communication to current profile holders and the University community throughout the migration.  


What if I Have Additional Updates for my SelectedWorks Profile?

Please go ahead and send your updated information or CV to We will make every effort to apply changes to your profile up until the final cutover date. If we are unable to complete updates prior to the cutover, we will notify you to discuss options for updating your profile after the cutover.


How Can I Get Involved or Get More Help?

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to help the Libraries with testing this spring and summer as we prepare for migration, please email