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No Cost Low Cost Options for Courses

Using Open Educational Resources (OER) and other options for Educational Materials for Saving Students Money


Affordable Learning Georgia (ALG):

Affordable Learning Georgia promotes student success and fosters educational equity through supporting the adoption, adaptation, and creation of affordable and open educational resources by USG faculty and professional staff.

ALG began as a GALILEO pilot initiative in 2013 to reduce the cost of course materials to students and enhance the discovery of library materials through GALILEO. The initiative addressed affordability goals in both Complete College Georgia and the USG 2013-2018 Strategic Plan’s Imperative 1. Affordable Learning Georgia continues to strive for these major affordability goals, and the initiative is now featured in the USG Strategic Plan 2024.

New Research Grant Category!

Research projects in this subcategory must address one or more aspects of the Open Education Group’s COUP Framework (Cost, Outcomes, Usage, and Perceptions). The OE Group’s guide provides many examples of areas of research within OER and student success.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to check the Open Education Group’s Review Project, which lists all substantial research surrounding OER in the COUP framework, before planning their research project. 

Due date for this first round is October 30, 2023


•    $2,000 maximum award per individual team member for salary, course release, travel, etc.
•    Additional project expenses allowed, but must be adequately justified in proposal budget
•    $10,000 maximum total award per grant
•    Funding disbursed to institutions 50% at full execution of agreement, 50% upon final report submission

ALG Website

visit the Affordable Learning Georgia Website for more information about this new grant category. 

Textbook Transformation Grants:

Round 25, Due March 11. Apply Now!!

*Please note that contacting the Grants office is required to submit a proposal for ALG grants. Please do not wait until the last minute to let them know you plan to submit a proposal. They need to get the information in the system in time to go through their approval protocal. 



Tips for Writing a Competitive ALG Grant Proposal. 

ALG Featured Speaker Series & Summer Workshop Series

ALG Speaker Series Archives

Once a month, join Affordable Learning Georgia to hear from recent Affordable Materials Grant completers about their affordability projects, the challenges they faced, and the results they saw on implementation.

Summer 2022

ALG is offering a special series of workshops over the summer months. Register to attend, or access the recordings from workshops past.