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SelectedWorks Profiles

SelectedWorks Profile

SelectedWorks Profiles feature Georgia Southern faculty members' scholarly information and publications with features not available from other profile services. See below for more about SelectedWorks Profiles, including our slideshow overview below.

Profile Benefits

With SelectedWorks, you receive:

  • Turn-key profile management — we do all the work!
  • A consistent, organized, university-branded scholarly profile.
  • Integrate and contextualize your other personal and disciplinary profiles.
  • Increase discoverability of your research on Google and Google Scholar through search engine optimization.
  • Archive your research in Digital Commons@Georgia Southern and have your work featured in our Faculty Publications and Faculty Bookshelf collections.
  • Increase your discoverability through the University's Expertise Search tool.
  • Track your impact with detailed analytics and PlumX Reports integration.

Creating & Maintaining Your Profile

​SelectedWorks profiles are easy to set up and maintain. Simply complete this form or send a current copy of your CV and a recent headshot to and the Digital Commons Team will create a SelectedWorks profile for you. Send in your updates anytime, or update your profile yourself.

Profile requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Turnaround time may be impacted by current demand for new profiles or profile updates. Please allow three to six months for library personnel to create a new profile.

PlumX Profiles & Measuring Impact

PlumX ProfilePlease Note: The University Libraries’ support for PlumX profiles will be changing at the end of July, 2020. In early August, the Libraries will begin sunsetting all current PlumX profiles; instead, your PlumX data will be available via your SelectedWorks author dashboard. This dashboard is available via the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of any page in SelectedWorks. For more information about this change, please contact the Digital Commons Team.

Anyone with a SelectedWorks profile automatically receives a PlumX Profile. PlumX Profiles require no maintenance. All works included in SelectedWorks are automatically imported into the researcher’s PlumX profile. All use and downloads, whether they originate in Digital Commons or SelectedWorks, contribute to the researcher’s Author Dashboard and PlumX reports. PlumX further supports individual and unit-level reporting.

The accuracy and completeness of PlumX metrics is impacted by many factors, including data sources, data quality, and other technological constraints. The library provides these reports for informational purposes only to help identify trends in how your research is being accessed and used.

For more information on PlumX profiles and reports, see here.

Learn More about SelectedWorks Profiles

See this slideshow overview about SelectedWorks Profiles and their benefits to you and your academic unit, or request a presentation by the Digital Commons Team.

Liaison & Presenter Tools


For help, contact the Digital Commons Team at (912) 478-4056 or A member of the Digital Commons Team will contact you as soon as possible during regular business hours.