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Scholarly Communications Newsletter - October 2021

Research Impact Areas and the Expert Gallery

With the development of Georgia Southern’s Research Impact Areas, we’ve enhanced the Expert Gallery to help match collaborators across the University. Faculty can now add one or more of the research impact areas as a research interest on the About page of their SelectedWorks profile. This will allow researchers to discover others with shared public impact research interests. 

The more faculty that participate, the better the results will be! Contact Georgia Southern Commons to let us know which of the five research impact areas to add to your SelectedWorks profile. If you haven’t requested an update recently—or set up your SelectedWorks profile yet—send us your current CV to maximize your research impact. 

Image of the Expert Gallery's browse experts option with the research interests facet circled.

Contact share your research impact areas. 

All of the University’s SelectedWorks profiles are included in the Expert Gallery. These professional, Georgia Southern-branded profiles provide scholarly information and publications with options to archive faculty work or link to it on other sites. SelectedWorks profiles organize and preserve faculty work, increase discoverability, and provide readership metrics that can be leveraged to help demonstrate achievements for external funding applications, annual evaluations, and promotion & tenure. Additionally, research can be archived in Georgia Southern Commons and featured in our Faculty Publications and Faculty Bookshelf collections. 

The Expert Gallery is a public-facing, searchable database organized by area of expertise. It showcases faculty scholarship at Georgia Southern by collecting faculty profiles in one place. The search box at the top can be used to find individual faculty or locate groups of faculty within a campus unit. The “Explore All Experts” link is great for browsing by facets such as research interest, college, or department. 

Image of Expert Gallery homepage with search box and browse all experts functions circled.

Colleges and departments can help by encouraging faculty to send their CVs and public impact research interests to Georgia Southern Commons. To make it even easier, Deans and Department Chairs can collect and batch-send faculty CVs during annual evaluations.  

Every SelectedWorks profile increases impact by building the audience for research, which in turn builds the scholarly reputation of Georgia Southern. Boosting Georgia Southern’s research visibility also attracts the best students and partnerships, since so many of our visitors to the repository discover it through search engines like Google and Google Scholar. Even better, adding public impact research interests to faculty profiles improves opportunities to identify and connect with experts across campus

In short, send current CVs and public impact research interests to Georgia Southern Commons. We’ll update SelectedWorks profiles, which in turn increases the power of the Expert Gallery to match innovative collaborations to advance the Georgia Southern public impact research agenda.

The Libraries create and maintain SelectedWorks profiles for faculty with our turn-key service, Additional information is available on the Libraries’ Institutional Repository Services guide. Complete this form to request a new or updated SelectedWorks profile, or contact us at digitalcommons@georgiasouthern with your public impact research interests. 

Open Access Week

Open Access Week 2021 is October 25-31!

Why is open access so important for research?

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