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Scholarly Communications at Georgia Southern University

Resources and services to support faculty and graduate students' scholarly work from conception to publication and promotion

Scholarly Communications Newsletter - January/February 2022

Love Data Week from ICPSR





Feb. 14-18, 2022 is Love Data Week 2022 Data is for everyone! Wait,... data are for everyone? Either way, Love Data Week 2022 is about how different folks use data. Learn more at Love Data Week 2022 and join us on social media using #LoveData22.

Scholarly Communications Workshops

Do you teach with data? Faculty may request workshops for students in the Making Data Bearable Workshop Series:

During these hands-on workshops, participants explore challenges and best practices related to research data management. Working in groups, participants perform a rudimentary data analysis and create figures and tables capturing the correlation between Gummi Bear flavor and "springiness".

Contact Nikki Rech at: or Jeff Mortimore at: to request workshops.


Open Education Week is March 7 - 11. The following workshops will be offered through The Faculty Center. You can register in the Face-to-Face training page in the MyGS portal or visit:

  • Feb. 2    12:00 - 1:00 (ZOOM)  Apply for an Affordable Learning Georgia Grant

  • March 7   12:00 - 1:00 (ZOOM)  Basics of OER:  What are They and Why do They Matter?

  • March 9  12:00 - 1:00 (ZOOM)  Quality of OER Resources

  • March 10  12:00 - 1:00  (ZOOM)   Using OER with Proprietary Materials

  • March 16  12:00 - 1:00  (ZOOM)  OER: More than Just Textbooks


The Scholarly Communications Team's workshops will start in March and include:

  • Author identifiers and scholarly profiles
  • Journal quality and  impact
  • Author metrics and impact
  • Researchers’ rights as authors and the role of the University's institutional repository, Georgia Southern Commons,  and 
  • Data management planning and curation services

Watch for forthcoming communications on dates, times and where to register.

Updates from ICPSR

Read about the upcoming Summer Program:

This year’s ICPSR Summer Program is in a hybrid format, with in person classes for those who can attend in Ann Arbor and online access in either a synchronous or asynchronous mode. The dates for the main four-week sessions will extend from June 20 to July 15 for the first session and from July 18 to August 12 for the second session. Short workshops will be starting in May and running through August, but the specific dates and locations have not yet been established. [For more information, visit the Summer Program web page at:]

Check out these New Releases and Listen to Data Brunch, ICPSR's podcast with:

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