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Lane Library's special collections: Albion's Voice

William (Billy) Strong's oral history

Alibion's Voice (1970)

Digitized issues of Savannah alternative's newspaper from 1970. Donated by Jack E. Miller in memory of Dr. James Land Jones and William H. Strong. From the Finding Aid: "Albion’s Voice reported on the war in Vietnam, racism, women’s/ gay liberation, environmental issues and counter-culture topics and events."


William (Bill ) Strong on his Van

Abion's Voice reunion 2015 Tom Kohler and Bill Strong

photo by Courtnay Papy

Aibion's Voice reunion 2015 Otis Johnson

photo by Courtnay Papy

Albion's Voice Reunion 2015 Tom Kohler and Tom Lovett

photo by Courtnay Papy

James Lane Jones, 1934-1986