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Lane Library's special collections: Armstrong Campus

New! Armstrong Collections in Digital Commons @ Georgia Southern

Armstrong's Yearbook, The Geechee, 1937-1995

Armstrong's Yearbook, The Geechee 1956-1995

Geechees were not published from 1977-1980.

No yearbook was published in 1990.

Collection Guide to the Armstrong University Records


Selected images

Original Armstrong building on Bull St.

Freshman cap

When Armstrong had a football team (1930s)

Armstrong's Letterman wore an A

Armstrong students (1940s)

Science lab (1940s)

Student's scrapbook (1940s)

Armstrong's new campus (1960s)

Armstrong faculty on the new campus (1970s)

Hope Scholarship, Armstrong's first recipient (1990s)

Groundbreaking on campus (1990s)

Lane Library (2000s)

Students using Armstrong's archives (2010s)

Students in the Learning Commons (2010s)

Janet Stone's history of Armstrong