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Digital Humanities at Georgia Southern

Development Tools

Every developer needs their toolkit. This list has links to some of the most commonly used tools in people who code and program.



Notepad++: A free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages.

Google Sites: Simple website creator and editor using Google software and cloud backups.

Wix: Easy to use website development tool.

Sketch: Easy to use planning/mockup tool

Basalmiq: Easy to use wireframing software for multiple platforms

Webflow: Responsive webpage design, good for comparing across platforms.  Mobile first!

Adobe Color Wheel: Not just for websites but a good way to quickly come up with various color schemes. The hexadecimal values for colors can be pasted into your HTML to give your website unique colors.

Google Fonts: Fonts from Google, the HTML for embedding them is here.


No Code Tools:

Bubble: A no-code platform for creating digital products.

BLAZE: Create multiple apps with Blaze and easily connect them together to supercharge your team's processes.

Scratch: A learning tool for people to experience coding for the first time. Useful for kids and adults alike.