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Digital Humanities at Georgia Southern

Faculty Projects

Active Faculty Projects:

Military Historians are People, Too! (Bill Allison and Brian Feltman) Podcast interviewing prominent military historians.

European Jesuit Libraries Provenance Project (Kathleen Comerford and Rudy Bond)  Census of books held by Jesuit libraries in Europe prior to the suppression in 1773.

Plantbot Genetics (Jeff Schmuki and Wendy DesChene) Experimental hacked robot plants designed to provoke discussions about genetic modification and the anthropocene.

Goodluck Soup (Matthew Hashiguchi) An interactive documentary collecting stories about the Japanese American and Japanese Canadian experience.

Dorothy Smith Diary, 1793 (Timothy Whelan).  A transcription of a diary from a Massachusetts woman, who visited Savannah in 1793.  From Duke University Special Collections.

Jesuit Cartography (Robert Batchelor), Global database of Jesuit cartographers.

Waddie Welcome Archive (Robert Batchelor), Database of signs from African-American businesses, churches and other public signs in Savannah.

The Selden Map of China (David Helliwell and Robert Batchelor)  Simple interactive viewer for the Selden Map of China (ca. 1619).

Pacific Routes (Siyen Fei and Robert Batchelor) A prototype for a joint project with the University of Pennsylvania on routes and objects from the Pacific.

Museum of Underwater Archaeology (Kurt Knoerl) Site dedicated to the field of maritime archaeology.

Timebent Music (John Thompson) Music and audiovisual work demonstrating creative coding across modalities that seeks to provide a glimpse of the alien and the imaginary.