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Digital Humanities at Georgia Southern

Sound Tools

This list has audio manipulation and music creation software that ranges from easy for a beginner to things for a professional use case.



FL Studio: A music creation tool that is used by many artists.

BandLab: A free browser tool that lets you edit your own music.

Protools: Industry standard but expensive, available on the H-Lab PC tower in IAB 1008

Audacity: Free, also downloaded on the PC tower and Mac in IAB 1009

Reaper: Solid program, often used for games.

Audiotool: Easy to use sound studio tool for making music.  Drag and drop different virtual machines in any order you want.  Your own virtual studio.

Oral History Metadata Synchronizer: Allows you to enhance an oral history video by putting textual tags at key points.

Oral History in the Digital Age: A good guide to best practices.

ProFXV2 series sound mixers: This is a versatile mixer that user-friendly for even beginners. Available for use inside the H-Lab.



Ritchie, Donald.  “Don Ritchie: Oral History in the Digital Age.” Thinking Big.  IMLS, May 13, 2012.