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Library Services and Resources for Undergraduate Students

A guide highlighting services, resources and collections available to our students

Developing Your Search Strategy

Developing an effective search strategy involves:

  • Identifyng the key search concepts
  • Identifying related terms to the key search concepts
  • Using standard search structures to broaden and narrow your search results

While there is not ONE right way to do a search, the strategies identified here will improve your results!

Search Tips

As you begin to collect information and search through the library's resources and databases, keep these tips in mind

  • Remember the 5 W's: Who? What? Where? When? Why?
  • Apply the 5 W's to help you analyze your topic and think about different facets of it.
  • When using the databases or the GIL-Find, keep your searches succinct and remember to use the word AND to connect search terms/keywords.

Keep up with where you've searched for information and the search terms you've used. A Research Tracker can come in handy. Click on the documents, below, for some examples of what you should keep track of while conducting research.