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Liberty Campus library services

Hinesville Library Welcomes Liberty Campus Students

The Hinesville Library welcomes Georgia Southern Liberty Campus students. The Library is open without appointment and users may visit for 2 hours. Social distancing is in effect and there is a cap of 118 persons in the building at one time. Please see the updated mask requirements for all Live Oak Public Libraries.

Twenty-five computer workstations and wireless Internet are available for free at Hinesville Library. Just use your library card or request a guest pass for access.  Print, copy, and fax services are also available (fees apply). Hinesville Library also offers books, ebooks, research databases, and other online resources to support students.  Visit to explore.

Hinesville Library Virtual Tour

Hello Eagles! Did you know that there is a wealth of information and resources a mere 300 steps from the Liberty Campus of Georgia Southern University? We have teamed up with the Hinesville Branch of the Live Oak Public Library System to make getting assistance with research much more convenient. Let me show you around!


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