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Technology in the Libraries

Details of technologies & labs available at Georgia Southern Libraries

Scanning Books

Both Henderson Library in Statesboro, and Lane Library in Savannah are set up with book scanners.  These are open to the public and available for any library visitors to use.

Both locations use KIC Bookeye scanners.  These let you put a book on a tabletop, and then use a touchscreen to take photos of the book pages.  The touchscreen will provide instructions.

  • Can scan up to 24 pages per minute
  • Can scan material up to 24" x 18"
  • Output formats: PDF, JPEG, PNG, MP3, TIFF & searchable PDF
  • Flat & v-cradle modes
  • Accessible to patrons of all abilities
  • Save scans on a flash drive or send to any email address for easy access


When scanning a long document, we strongly recommend scanning in smaller chunks.  For example, scanning 20 pages, and then saving and starting a new file.  This way, if there are any interruptions, you will only loose a little work.  Both libraries provide computer workstations with Adobe Acrobat Professional which can be used to combine together multiple PDFs, so you can take several shorter chunks and combine them at a nearby computer workstation after you finish scanning.

For further assistance:
  • Lane Library: Welcome Center desk by the main entrance
  • Henderson Library: Technology Help desk on the 2nd floor

Lane Library

Lane Library has a large overhead scanner on the first floor.  The scanner is visible directly on entering the library through the main entrance, against the Writing Center wall.

Lane Library KIC scanner location

Henderson Library

Henderson Library features a KIC Bookeye tabletop scanner on the 2nd floor along the south side of the building (the side facing the lake).

Location of KIC scanner in Henderson Library

Microfilm Scanning

Microfilm scanning is available at both Henderson Library in Statesboro and at Lane Library on the Savannah campus.

Lane Library

Lane Library in Savannah has a microfilm scanner, the ST Viewscan ii, available for use on the first floor.  The microfilm scanner is available for anyone to use. We strongly encourage you to get assistance from the library desk the first time you work with microfilm, and we are glad to help you with the scanner.

Location of Lane Library microfilm scanner

For further assistance, click here to be taken to the Georgia Southern Libraries' manual on this scanner.

Henderson Library

Henderson Library in Statesboro features two modern microfilm readers which can scan to PDF, and two older microfilm readers which allow fully analog viewing of microfilm.

Henderson microfilm 1

Click here for ScanPro 3000 usage instructions

Henderson microfilm 2

Henderson microfilm 3