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Technology in the Libraries

Details of technologies & labs available at Georgia Southern Libraries

Battery Recycling at Henderson Library in Statesboro

Pic of the plastics, paper, and aluminum recycling bins, and the battery recycling tube.

Battery recycling in available on the second floor of Henderson Library.  Look for the blue tube with the sign reading "Battery Cycle Tube".  It is located next to plastics and aluminum recycling in the entry way to the parking lot side of the building and away from the lake side of the building.

Benefits of Battery Recycling

Wikipedia has a nice summary of different kinds of batteries and issues related to recycling batteries:

More information about Georgia Southern University's battery recycling initiative is available at

Batteries contain metals which are rare and can be toxic to people.  Recycling batteries helps protect ground water and the environment from metals, and helps keep rare metals available in order to keep making new batteries.