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About the Georgia Southern Libraries

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Welcome to the Georgia Southern University Libraries!

The University Libraries are your gateway to information and knowledge. I believe that the University Libraries are at the center of the educational enterprise on campus. And as such, we strive to meet your diverse and ever evolving needs through personalized services, programming, and resources.

I invite you to explore the Libraries’ website to learn more about the many ways that we support students, faculty, staff, and our local communities. You will learn about our histories, locations, and hours of operations. You will learn how to access our online resources 24/7 from anywhere in the world. And you will learn about the services that we provide you in support of your learning, teaching, and research. My sense is that you will find the University Libraries are a place for exploring your interests, contemplating your careers, studying, engaging in social discourse, meeting friends, and finding in a quiet nook for leisure reading or meditating.

I also encourage you to explore your interests at any of our three locations as we offer a wide array of print and electronic collections in all disciplines. You can be assured that the University Libraries offer a welcoming and respectful environment for all our visitors. And if you have any suggestions for how we can serve you better, please email us.

Dr. Lisandra “Lisa” Carmichael

Dean of University Libraries