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Dissertations & Theses: Evaluation

Welcome! This guide provides recommended resources vital to Dissertations and Theses


This step is vital to ensure you will have success. Here, you must evaluate your work and the steps you took to accomplish it. It is not the step in which you evaluate your sources...that step comes much earlier and is repeated throughout your efforts. Now, it is time to reflect on how well you think you have met the requirements of the assignment. Also, it's the time in which you determine the new skills you learned along the way, and if there are things you could have done better.



Judge your product (effectiveness)

Before turning in your assignment, compare it to your professor's requirements.

Did you do and include everything that was required?

Did you give credit to all of your sources, and did you write it the way your professor requested?

Is your work complete?


Judge your information problem-solving process (efficiency)

Think about what you did to finish this assignment. You may have learned some skills to use anytime you need information to answer questions!

 What skill(s) did you learn that you can use again?

How will you be able to use the skill(s) again?

What did you do well this time?

What would you do differently next time?

Which information sources were most useful? You may be able to use them again when you need information.