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Dissertations & Theses: Information Seeking Strategies

Welcome! This guide provides recommended resources vital to Dissertations and Theses

Information Seeking Strategies

Information Seeking Strategies:

Now that you are completely familiar with the requirements of your assignment, you must decide where to look for the information. This page will introduce you to our key information resources. Don't forget to consult the most important information resource: the Information Services Librarian. 

Information Seeking Strategies

2. Information Seeking Strategies

2.1 Determine all possible sources: There is certainly no lack of information these days. The WWW, blogs, social media, journals, books, documentaries, legal texts, newspapers. The key is to select the most appropriate sources, based on the assignment's requirements. Typically in college-level assignments, you will be expected to use the information resources provided through the library.  

2.2 Select the best sources

Below is a sample of what you may find at the Henderson Library.

Books: Books can provide a comprehensive look at a topic, provide background information, and help determine the scope of your project.

Reference Books: Reference books can also provide background information about a topic, as well as key statistics and facts.

Periodicals: Periodicals include newspapers, magazines, journals, and any publication that is published periodically. They provide current information on events and issues. They also provide facts, statistics, and results from research studies.

DVD/Videos: The Henderson library collects DVDs that support the curriculum. Depending on your research needs, you may find an informative documentary from which you can learn about a topic.

Theses & Dissertations: The Henderson Library collects the theses and dissertations completed by Georgia Southern University students who have attained advanced degrees. In addition, you may locate these types of publications completed at other universities through ProQuest Dissertations and Theses. They provide the scholar with original research of a wide range of topics.

Special Collections: The Henderson Library's Special Collections offers rare books and manuscripts from individuals important to Georgia Southern and the community.

Research Services Librarians:  Don't hesitate to ask for help at any stage of your search for information. We're available by phone, in person, Instant Messaging, and email. Here are the details on how to reach us: