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Dissertations & Theses: Task Definition

Welcome! This guide provides recommended resources vital to Dissertations and Theses


Task Definition

1. Assignment

1.1 Define the information problem:  Carefully read your assignment. Do you need to consult sources of information in order to complete it? Are you familiar with the topic? 

1.2 Identify information needed ---What kind of information do you need? Answer these questions to help determine what you need:

What do I need to know?
What information do I need?
What information do I already know that will help me solve this problem?

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the topic. If so, you may need to read some basic texts, such as an encyclopedia article, to become more familiar with the topic.

The Information Services Librarians are happy to assist you in getting started identifying resources that are appropriate for individual assignments. Information Services Librarians at the Henderson Library are members of the faculty and are experts in helping you find information. To help us help you, please have a copy of the assignment available for us to review with you.


Once task is clearly defined, you may discover that your assignment requires you to locate books, articles, images, conduct interviews, and more.