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Future Phonics

The Future of Phones


Welcome to the History of Phones Kiosk

How it Works

Click the screen on the kiosk to begin learning!

  • To us this this kiosk use your finger to navigate back and forth on the map.
  • Click on the + and - buttons to zoom in and out of the map.
  • Click on the colorful dots to learn about the different phones in history and specifically where they were acquired from!
  • Scroll up and down on the text box to learn more information about the certain phone.
  • Click the house button to return back to the home screen.

Interactive Kiosk Screen

See What our Focus Group Thinks!


The History of Phones Exhibit Kiosk:

The point of this kiosk was to create a visual prototype of the history of phones. While using your finger to click around the screen, you will enter a digital map of the many different phones that have been made over the years. Each colorful little dot represents a different phone, and where it was originally created. When you click on the dot a box will pop up explaining information about the phone. When you click on a dot you can learn about when the phone was made, what was used to make it, who created it, and much more.


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