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Future Phonics

The Future of Phones

Clear Glass Phone (2020)

This phone is the first of its kind, it is see-through, clear, glass. it is smooth which allows you to slide it in and out of your pocket easily and it includes the same features and capabilities as the most recent regular smart phones.

Hologram Phone (2025)

Holographic phones are a very new and extremely popular product. The reason everyone is wanting one is simply because you do not have to worry about putting your phone back into your pocket, leaving your phone somewhere, getting your phone stolen, and the risk of losing it is next to none. The holographic phone just needs some sort of surface where the hologram can shine onto and you are ready to go. This phone includes all of the same features as the latest smartphone, its just in hologram form.

Chip Phone (2030)

The Chip phone is the perfect phone for those who seem to always loose their phone of break their phone. This unique device just attaches to the ear and the screen conveniently projects out into hologram form. All phone capabilities are controlled by voice without having to look at the screen or touch anything. It has a customizable AI system implemented to serve the needs of the user and instantly complete any tasks that are given to it.

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