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Future Phonics

The Future of Phones

Phones Today and Tomorrow

Phones Today vs. Phones Tomorrow

Phones Today and Tomorrow

Alexander Graham Bell Phone

To use this phone you have to speak into the microphone while holding the speaker with the cord attached to your ear.

DynaTAC 8000X

The DynaTac 8000X stood 13 inches tall, weighed 1.75lbs, and originally went on sale for $3,995.00.

Digital Nokia Mobile Phone

These phones have been described as "indestructible" and they have had the tendency to last longer than most other phones despite the price.

Flip Phone

Flip phones became one of the most popular products on the market when they were introduced in the 1980's.

iPhone 1

The iPhone 1 was not the first "iPhone". Cisco Systems company actually obtained a patent for a product called an "iPhone".

Clear-Glass Transparent Phone

Holographic Phone


The history of phones is important because cell phones are technology that is used in our everyday lives. Cell phones now a days are used by children, adults, and even the older generations. It is important to know and understand how cell phones are constantly developing because it helps to explain how our generation’s technology has drastically changed over the years. Our exhibit will help people understand what technology and phones were like back in the earlier years, and how much easier they make our lives today. Our exhibit can help both children and adults become more aware of how our technology is constantly changing.

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