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WraparoundSouth is a digital literary parlor for lovers of contemporary Southern literature. We have a mission to inspire, provoke, awaken, and humanize through the art of writing by publishing works that are fresh, unique in form or content, socially aware, profound, humorous, and relevant to contemporary global culture. We strive to present a wraparound view of the many lifestyles, viewpoints, and voices that coexist in the American South, and writing that accurately examines aspects of contemporary Southern culture that are often overlooked or misunderstood. We especially favor traditionally under-represented voices and writing that speaks authentically to the region's culture and socio-political dynamics, eluding the overwrought stereotypes propagated in popular media in favor of more nuanced observations of the complexities and contradictions that often dominate this part of the world. 

While a majority of our contributors have roots in Southern states, we also welcome writing from around the world that thematically resonate with issues, events, and trends relevant to this part of the world, or writing that juxtaposes or situates an aspect of Southern life within a larger national or global context. 

Wraparound features new, emerging, and established writers who work in traditional or experimental forms, and writers and artists who work with new and traditional media formats.

We review books in literature and on the craft, feature interviews with writers, and blog about our contributors' latest accomplishments. We only publish the finest literary works through a competitive selection process guided by our experienced team of professional editors.

Our all-volunteer editorial team is composed of writers who actively publish and teach at Georgia Southern University, and who are active in serving the literary community. We also occasionally offer internships to advanced undergraduate students who show promise in one or more areas of writing.

Wraparound is your one virtual stop to explore and understand faces and spaces in contemporary Southern literature.

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