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Learning Commons (Armstrong Campus)

An overview of services available at The Learning Commons, a part of the Georgia Southern University Libraries on the Armstrong Campus.

What are Video Games?

Video games are computer programs that users interface with using a controller, keyboard, or other input device. The games in the Learning Commons collection are console games, which are played on game consoles like the Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo Switch, rather than on personal computers. Video games come in all sorts of varieties. Some games, like Assassin's Creed, mix fantasy and history to create stories that entertain and inform. Others, like Mario Kart and Mario Party, are tests of skill between players or vectors for socialization and camaraderie. Video games, like board games, can teach all sorts of team-building and problem solving skills!

No matter which game you choose to check out at the LC, there's always something to learn from our collection!

New Video Game Arrivals