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Early Modern Books at Georgia Southern


The mission of Special Collections at Georgia Southern is to preserve and showcase rare and unique books to the public. This rare book collection is home to several extraordinary books, including a unique collection of early modern books (1450-1650 CE) studied for this project.  Early modern books at Georgia Southern include manuscripts (a Book of Hours), early incunabula from Venice, editions of Bibles and a religious tract by Luther, and much more.

Staff is available to assist researchers, professors and students working with Special Collections and Archives. Staff can assist with class lectures, projects, exhibits, and other needs.

Fun Facts

1. The oldest book in our collection dates back to the year 1450. 

2. We have a wide variety of over 30 rare books in our collection. 

3. The books in our collections come from all over the world, such as London, France, Greece, Germany, Italy, and so much more.

Where is the Special Collections located?

To conduct research or view materials, please Schedule a Research Appointment using the online form.  Research appointments are available Monday through Friday, 8AM - 5PM.


Room 2210M, Second-Floor, Zach S. Henderson Library. 

Driving directions



Phone: (912) 478-7819

Fax: (912) 478-0289

Physical Address: 1400 Southern Drive, Building 208, Statesboro, GA 30458

Mailing Address: Zach S. Henderson Library Special Collections, P.O. Box 8074, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA 30460-8074

Why come visit us?

While the rare materials are not able to be loaned or checked out due to their unique status, researchers are more than welcome to come view and read the books by appointment in the Special Collections Reading Room!


For instance, students can come to check out the books to study them or cite them for a project while Professors could potentially use them for research. There are a variety of possible applications with the books so long as they are properly taken care of. 

How to handle the Special Collections

These books are extremely fragile and important pieces of history, so we must take special care of these books as much as possible! Here are a few preliminary tips on how to handle the books:

  1. Always hold the books with two hands.
  2. Turn each individual page slowly and carefully, making sure to grab the page by the bottom corner.
  3. If available, use the tools provided to you!
  4. Please do not touch the text (ink) on the actual pages. 
  5. Do not make any markings on the books (i.e. pens / pencils / highlighters).
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