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Interior Design

Resources available from the Georgia Southern Library on Interior Design.

Why Books?

Books are the best source for in-depth information when you really need to know a subject in and out. Typical books are structured in such a way as to lead you from little knowledge about a subject to a more thorough understanding; this cannot usually be said for web resources or articles. 

Browse by Call Number

Books are arranged in call number order, which is an arrangement by subject.  Here are some call number ranges likely to contain things of particular interest for Interior Design:

NK: Decorative Arts and Interior Design

Antiques and Decorative Arts  NK 460-1380, NK 2800-9700
Arts and Crafts  NK 1140-1142
Careers  NK 2116
Color  NK 2115, 1548
Commercial / Restaurants / Shops  NK 2195
Design History / Patterns / Theory  NK 1160-1700
Furniture  NK 2205-2770

History  NK 1710 I
nterior Design and Designers 
  American  NK 2002-2004
  European  NK 2042-2062
  Asian/African/Oceanic  NK 2078-2110

Lighting NK 2115.5
Residential  NK 2110
Rooms  NK 2117

TA: Engineering 
Human Factors / Ergonomics  TA 166
Materials  TA 402-4036

TH: Building Construction
Graphic Standards  TH 2025-4311
Green/Sustainable Materials  TH 455-880

TT: Handicrafts
Furniture  TT 180-200
Soft Home Furnishings  TT 387-410

TS: Manufactures
Product Design  TS 23-19