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Institutional Repository Services

Campus Documents & Publications

Campus DocumentsDigital Commons@Georgia Southern is proud to host a vast collection of University documents and publications from every corner of campus. Digital Commons provides a lasting archive of the University's official documents, marketing and promotional materials, student publications, and campus news.

Examples include:

The Digital Commons Team actively monitors and collects campus documents and publications as they become publicly available. However, any campus stakeholders interested in hosting documents or publications not currently available in Digital Commons@Georgia Southern are invited to contact the Digital Commons Team for an initial project evaluation and consultation. Furthermore, contact the Digital Commons Team with questions or concerns about any existing collections, including submission support.

Copyright and Reuse Licensing Considerations for Campus Documents and Publications

In most cases, campus documents and publications are "works for hire" of the University, exist in the public domain, and can be archived and distributed without constraint via Digital Commons@Georgia Southern. Where questions of copyright arise, the Digital Commons Team will help to develop copyright and reuse licensing that fits the collection. For existing collections, we are happy to review copyright and reuse policies at any time with collection stakeholders.

Liaison & Presenter Tools


For help, contact the Digital Commons Team at (912) 478-4056 or A member of the Digital Commons Team will contact you as soon as possible during regular business hours.