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Institutional Repository Services

Faculty Research

US Tick Collection ImageIn addition to our conferences and journals, Digital Commons@Georgia Southern hosts a vast array of faculty research from across the University. Collections include our department and college-level faculty publication, presentation, and bookshelf series, funded research archive sites, and artifact collections from active and legacy research projects.

Examples include:

To get started hosting and sharing your research, contact the Digital Commons Team for an initial project evaluation and consultation.

Memorandum of Understanding

All faculty research-related curation services are provided free or charge; however, where appropriate, we do ask that collection sponsors agree to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as a condition of hosting their resources in Digital Commons@Georgia Southern. During the setup of your collection, the Digital Commons Team will review whether an MOU is needed. If so, the Team will review the terms of the MOU with you and make any needed revisions.

Copyright and Reuse Licensing Considerations for Faculty Research

The Digital Commons Team strongly recommends use of Creative Commons licenses when archiving and sharing your research via any open-access digital repository, including Digital Commons@Georgia Southern. We strongly recommend faculty inform themselves about their copyrights and how these relate to open-access repositories by reviewing our Author Rights & Self-Archiving guide, and by requesting a consultation or workshop with the Digital Commons Team. During setup of your research collection, the Digital Commons Team will help you to develop copyright and reuse licensing that fits your needs. For existing collections, we are happy to help review your policies at any time.

Removing or Modifying Works in Digital Commons

The Georgia Southern University Libraries make every effort to ensure that all works submitted to Digital Commons@Georgia Southern are archived and disseminated in accordance with United States copyright law, University policy, and the wishes of content creators. The Digital Commons Team does not have the authority to alter the content of any works published in the institutional repository. 

If for any reason you believe that a work included in Digital Commons should be removed or modified, please contact the Digital Commons Team at  A member of the Digital Commons Team will contact you as soon as possible during regular business hours.

Liaison and Presenter Tools


For help, contact the Digital Commons Team at A member of the Digital Commons Team will respond as soon as possible during regular business hours.