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FY22 Educational Resources Assessment

While negotiations with our vendors are ongoing, based on the departments' fall 2021 review of 11 “big deal” journal packages, the Libraries should be able to renew the following packages and titles. These renewals are in addition to the extensive list of electronic resources the library faculty previously identified for renewal in summer 2021.

All titles from these three journal packages will be renewed:

Select titles from these seven packages will be renewed (please note that some journal titles are not available for individual subscription):

The American Society of Microbiology (ASM) package will not be renewed due to no support from departmental faculty.

Renewals are now underway, and we will update the University community as these changes come into effect over the course of the spring semester. During this time, faculty will likely notice changes in access to certain titles. Faculty should address all access questions to their library liaisons.

FY22 Renewals (Resources that were not included in the usage assessment project)

Based on the library faculty's summer 2021 review of the University Libraries' electronic resources, the following resources will be renewed for FY22 and reassessed for continuation in the future.* Included are rubrics and dossiers prepared by the library faculty as part of their summer 2021 review.  

Additional Renewals

In addition to the subscription resources identified for renewal above, the following resources and utilities will be renewed by the University Libraries for FY22.* 

*Resources may be re-reviewed and discontinued during FY22 if required to meet budgetary targets.