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Winter/Spring 2018

Editor's Letter - Winter/Spring 2018


Cozy up with our Winter/Spring 2018 issue of Wraparound South.  There is plenty here to satisfy the tastes of anyone with a Southern penchant. Check out Nick LaRocca’s “Understandings” about construction workers in South Florida and the subtle and overt chasms on race that its characters try to negotiate, or investigate the magical mystery affecting a cozy retirement community in “The Secret of Mary Madigan’s Death” by Richard Dokey.  Laura Jones negotiates the tension rising in a historically black community in anticipation of a parade organized by the KKK in “Eatonville 1987” and Kristin Van Tassel offers a lyrical look at the ecology of Louisiana in  “Swamp Creatures.”  Don’t forget to check out our digital audio debut with Elizabeth Gordon’s Something About Secrets . Savor “the taste of wine from the moon-tree” in Richard King Perkins II’s “Threnody for Camilla” or snuggle up by a fireplace on a cold winter night with Margaux Novak’s “Dusk.”  These and more on Wraparound South.  Settle in on our back porch for our contributors’ advice on writing and the writing life, and don’t forget to tell your friends about us.


Laura Valeri, Managing Editor