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Summer/Fall 2018

Masthead - Summer/Fall 2018


Monique Bos – Poetry

Laura Valeri – Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry

Theresa Welford – Narrative Nonfiction

Assistant Editors

Blakeley Bartee, Narrative Nonfiction

Michele Daly, Fiction (intern)

Katrina Delghingaro, Narrative Nonfiction

Jasmine Webb, Fiction (intern)

Darren Winters, Poetry (intern)

Rebecca Frost, Poetry

Advisory Board

Benjamin Drevlow

Christina Olson

Jared Yates Sexton

Burney Marsh

Laura Valeri

Theresa Welford

Founding Editor

Laura Valeri

Cover Photo

by Joel Caplan

Boneyard, Ossabaw Island, GA


In Previous Issues:


Monique Bos, Poetry

Emma Bolden, Poetry

Janet Dale, Poetry

Sarah Domet, Fiction

Burney Marsh, Fiction & Poetry

Brandi Moody, Nonfiction

Peggy Lindsey, Nonfiction

Britta Spann, Fiction

Laura Valeri, Fiction

Theresa Welford, Poetry & Nonfiction

Jared Yates Sexton, Poetry & Fiction


Visiting Editors

Christina Olson, Managing Editor

Food Issue, Summer 2015


Assistant Editors & Interns

Alasia Dart – Fiction

Genevieve Dietz – Poetry

Morgan Davis – Interviews

Michael Enfinger – Fiction

Rebecca Frost – Poetry

Samantha, Harvey – Fiction

Shelby Head – Fiction, Art & Photography

Olivia Hester – Narrative Nonfiction

Michelle Norsworthy – Narrative Nonfiction

James Cody Phenis – Reviews and Interviews

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