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CORE 2000 Haughney: Researching Your People

Your Mission

Your Mission: design and teach a five-week summer term course in your academic college or academic focus area. The course will examine the work of an individual in a field related to one of the majors offered by your academic college.

Information Need: course material: texts, images, graphics, streaming media to help explain the work, life and significance of your individual.

Search terms: the person's name, of course, but also keywords that describe their accomplishments. "Galileo" but also the "telescope"

Possible library databases: Streaming Media: Kanopy, Films on Demand   Images: ArtStor,   Texts: Discover, Ebooks  Obituaries: New York Times

Specialized search tools: Creative Commons to find open access materials

Biography Obituary

Streaming Media


Texts--- not too techincal or scholarly

Questions? Roadblock? Happy to help

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Caroline Hopkinson
Georgia Southern University Libraries--Lane Library
Savannah, GA 31419-1997