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Health and Physical Education

This guide identifies information resources useful to Health & Physical Education studies.

Start Here

Here are the best resources to begin your search linking to many of the online journals related to the field of study.

What Are Peer Reviewed Scholarly Articles?

Shortcuts to Reading Journal Articles

Who has the time to read pages of research articles? As you are conducting your research, you can cut down on the amount of time that you spend reading. When you locate an article that you feel might address your research topic, use these tips to scan through the article and determine if you want to use it as a resource in your paper. 

  • The Abstract is Key: Reading the information in the short description that is provided in the article, will give you an idea of what the source is about. After reading the abstract, you might find that the article is not what you need. At this point, start your search again to locate information that is relevant to your topic.
  • First and Last: Read the introduction of the article, and then read the conclusion. In the conclusion you will learn the results of the research study and in the introduction you see the thesis or argument of the article. 
  • Methods: If there is a methods section, you can get a glimpse of actual study. In this section you see what type of study the researchers conducted.
  • Analysis: In this section you will learn about what the authors interpretation of the results of their research study. (Taken from