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New York Times @ Georgia Southern: Teaching With NYT

Partisan Reading Roundup

Editors from the NYT collect representative partisan columns on a regular basis. 

Articles from the Right, Left, and Center of the political spectrum are featured in a column called Our Picks: Best From Around the Web.  

Tools for Combatting "Fake News"

On the Media: WNYC’s weekly investigation into how the media shapes our world view.

Teaching History with the Times

With over a 150 years of daily newspapers to explore, students can dig into the historical record like never before.

What happened in 1887 to put Savannah GA on the front page of the NYTimes?

Savannah on the front page of NYT, 10/11/1887 
(Who knew that "going postal" could have started here?)


The NYTimes in Education

Links to features in THE LEARNING NETWORK

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