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Forensic Science

Forensic Chemistry


Welcome to Forensic Chemistry Course!!!


Meet and Greet: Introductions of the Project Leads

Dr. Shainaz Landge

Associate Professor - Chemistry and BioChemistry
Phone: (912) 478-1883

Dr. Elizabeth Sargent
Lecturer - Biology
Phone: (912) 344-2607

Dr. Debanjana Ghosh

Lecturer - Chemistry and BioChemistry
Phone: (912) 478-5046

Debanjana Ghosh




The project leads [Shainaz Landge (PI), Debanjana Ghosh, Elizabeth Sargent] are grateful to the University System of Georgia (USG), Affordable Learning Georgia - Textbook Transformation Grant (Round # 20, # 605).


Special thanks are due to Ms. Deborah Walker, Mr. Jeffrey Mortimore and Prof. Dawn Cannon-Rech, Dr. Kania Greer, Ms. Mary Thaler, Dr. Cassandra Dodge, Ms. Marissa Bono, Ms. Emily Boswell, Dr. Karla-Sue C. Marriott, Prof. Kimberly Kobojek, Ms. Grace Blount, Dr. Beulah Narendrapurapu, Dr. Denise Carroll and many more.