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POLS 2130 Intro to Political Analysis - Roy: Home

Intro to Political Analysis, a guide to information resources

This course introduces students to some of the hands-on and practical skills in research methods and analysis used by social scientists. In this course, students will learn terms, concepts, and research design through systematic analysis. This course will focus on applied research skills and include a semester-long research design project with the instructor.

Students will learn to understand the relevance of political analysis and the empirical approach to political science, and then focus on how to set up the research question and substantiate it with proper data and analysis. This course will also introduce students to the different qualitative methods used in political science.

The tabs above explore strategies and resources for accomplishing this work, please explore their content, and let us know how we can help you succeed.

Dr. Nalanda Roy

Associate Professor
UH 217

Dr. Roy's Bio

Dr. Nalanda Roy is a Professor in the Department of Political Science and International Studies and the Coordinator of the Asian Studies program at Georgia Southern University. She is the Certified Diversity Executive, and the Inclusive Excellence Faculty Fellow at GSU. Nalanda is the recipient of the Dr. Saba Jallow Inclusion Champion award, the Award of Excellence and Georgia Southern’s Women in Research Soar, and the Campus Museum of Service Award for creating the An Integral History: Asian Studies Digital Archive at GSU.

She is the author of several books including Bitter Moments — The Story of Indonesian Fragmentation, The South China Sea Disputes — Past, Present, and Future, Exploring the Tripod: Immigration, Security, and Economy in the Post-9/11, and Navigating Uncertainty in the South China Sea Disputes: An Interdisciplinary Perspective, and Nonviolent Resistances in the Contemporary World: Case Studies from India, Poland, and Turkey. She is the author of numerous journal articles and book chapters. Roy served as the section program chair for International Studies Association’s South Asia in World Politics. Nalanda serves as a visiting scholar with the Center for Genocide and Human Rights, Rutgers University. She was appointed as the Adjunct Professor, FORE School of Management, New Delhi, and a Distinguished Visiting Professor at The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences in India. Nalanda has served on the board of directors with the City of Savannah and worked for the Greater Savannah International Alliance (GSIA) as the Chair of the Asian committee.

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