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OpenAthens @ Georgia Southern

OpenAthens — Overview

OpenAthens HomeIn coordination with GALILEO, the Georgia Southern University Libraries are moving from proxy-based authentication for our subscription electronic resources to the OpenAthens identity management system. OpenAthens is a SAML-based access management platform that allows GALILEO and the University Libraries to enable and monitor access to subscribed electronic resources on and off campus. There will be no change to the Libraries’ subscribed resources as a result of moving to OpenAthens, and most campus researchers should be able to continue using the Libraries' resources with little or no disruption.

OpenAthens uses IP authentication on campus, so there will be no change to the way campus researchers access online resources from the Statesboro, Armstrong, and Hinesville campuses. Off-campus, students, faculty, and staff will continue to use their MyGS credentials to login, but using a new form. Campus researchers will also have the option to access the Libraries’ subscribed content on numerous publisher websites without coming through the library website first. This experience varies by website, but where it is supported, researchers will have the ability to log into OpenAthens by selecting Georgia Southern from a list and entering their MyGS credentials.

OpenAthens uses a different technology to manage access to resources than proxy-based authentication, which will change the syntax of the links the Libraries use to access subscribed databases and content. As a result, students, faculty, and staff will also need to update any bookmarks, saved links, or reading list links they maintain apart from the Libraries' web presence. This change will most likely impact "power users" and faculty who have embedded links to library resources in the University's learning management system, Folio. Over time, library personnel will work with researchers and faculty to update these links; however, all links that currently rely on proxy-based authentication should continue to work for the foreseeable future. The process of updating links will take some time. Until all links are revised, students, faculty, and staff may see different login forms, either for proxy-based authentication or OpenAthens, depending on how they access the resource.

This guide provides general tips and FAQs for accessing and using the Libraries' resources via OpenAthens, including updating your links and your MyEBSCOhost accounts. If you encounter any problems accessing a resource that you believe you should have access to, please Ask Us!

General Tips

Here are some general tips for accessing the Libraries' resources via OpenAthens:

  • Whenever possible, access the Libraries' databases from the A-Z Database List.
  • If saving a link or creating a bookmark to one of the Libraries' databases, click on the Share icon to the right of the database title () and use the friendly URL. 
  • If accessing a resource directly through a publisher website without going through the library website first, log in using the Institutional Login (wording may vary by publisher), select Georgia Southern from the institution list, and log in using your MyGS credentials.
  • Depending or the resource, your current location, and whether you've come through the library website, there may be several steps to log into a resource. See our FAQ for more information.
  • Sometimes, browser caching can cause problems accessing the Libraries' resources. Try clearing the browser cache and restarting the browser, or try using a different browser.
  • If you are having trouble accessing resources off-campus, be sure to contact the library!

Tips & FAQs Handout

For Help or More Information, Ask Us!