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Summer/Fall 2019

Alive Now


by Michael Kocinski


Every day I wish

to step into the wind

and let it carry me

until I land somewhere

so far away from here.

Our planet

is still so full of wonders--

the smallest songbird

nest woven in a roadside

dogwood is a cup

full of life,

and the biggest animal

that ever lived is not

an extinct dinosaur

but the blue whale,



at the same

time as you and me.

Why shouldn’t I leap

into the world and

interact with the wild things

abounding? Who knows

what I’ll find in the

wind, water, or leaf litter?

Maybe God

is found down here,

in the created world,

and not in the world to come,

the world that may never be.

Let me rejoice the in

poetry of creatures,

be an animal in spirit,

and let that ancient nature

entice the shy catbird

into my hand, and with its

multitudinous voices

teach me all the words

I need to speak to God

in whatever far-flung lands

the wind carries me to.



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