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Newspapers at Georgia Southern

Popular newspapers, current newspapers (by geographic location) and historical newspaper archives available at Georgia Southern.

How to Use This Guide

This guide to finding Newspapers at Georgia Southern will help you to understand: the various ways newspaper content is available to you, how to use newspaper articles as sources, and where you can find newspaper articles.  It is divided into sections on: popular newspapers, current newspapers (by geographic location) and historical newspaper archives.

Getting Started

Before you search, check out the information about newspapers in the 21st Century, when to use newspapers as a source, and take a look at the databases at Georgia Southern that provide access to newspaper content.

If you are looking for a specific newspaper, click on the blue tabs above divided into:

Where to get help:  if you need help accessing or using these resources, please contact the Research Services Desk at: 912-478-5645 or email:  To chat with a librarian or find additional ways to get help, see:

NOTE: If you are off-campus, you may be prompted for your username and password to access selected newspaper sources.  

 newspaper [Credit: Goodshoot/Alamy]Newspaper[a] publication usually issued daily, weekly, or at other regular times that provides news, views, features, and other information of public interest and that often carries advertising.1

Newspaper articles are written by journalists or reporters, in contrast to scholars and experts in a field who write academic journal articles. Because of the short timeline in which newspaper articles are written and published, you should note that newspapers are not peer-reviewed sources. However, they do have editors, editorial standards and guidelines, and often an editorial board managing the content of the publication.

You can obtain newspaper articles in different formats and from a variety of sources:

​​​​[Source: newspaper. (2016). in Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved from]

When you need to find information on a recent event, as seen through the eyes of eyewitnesses (or interviews of them by reporters and journalists), a newspaper is a good choice.  One reason is that it takes time for news and events to be published in a magazine or journal  (a week to several weeks or months) and it can take even longer (sometimes years) for related material to appear in books.  If you want information about something that happened yesterday or a few days to a few weeks ago, you can start with a newspaper article, either in print or online.

In addition, there are historical newspapers that will allow you to essentially travel back in time and read what people thought and reported about events at the time they were occurring.  


Be choosy about the sources of news articles you use.  Web pages authored by individuals may also provide information on current events--and be somewhat easier to find than official newspaper accounts using a public search engine like Google --but they may be less reliable, and more biased, sources than those written by journalists who abide by their newspaper's editorial standards.

All of these databases include full text of select newspapers:

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