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Faculty Reports

Please Note: The University Libraries’ support for PlumX profiles will be changing at the end of July, 2020. In early August, the Libraries will begin sunsetting all current PlumX profiles; instead, your PlumX data will be available via your SelectedWorks author dashboard. This dashboard is available via the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of any page in SelectedWorks. For more information about this change, please contact the Digital Commons Team at (912) 478-4056 or


PlumX Reports for Faculty

PlumX reports give individual faculty a way to know what is going on with their research. Faculty do more than publish articles. With PlumX reports, you can track all of your research output and the many ways researchers discover and communicate about it. PlumX reports let you go beyond citation counts to show the value of your work.

The accuracy and completeness of PlumX profiles is impacted by many factors, including data collection methods, quality and completeness of data, and other technological constraints. The University Libraries encourage faculty and programs to be skeptical of all metrical tools and system-generated impact data, and to consider a wide array of usage and impact indicators when evaluating or comparing faculty or programs. For more information, please review the University Libraries' Statement on Metrical and Impact Data Tools, Including PlumX.

Available PlumX reports for individual faculty include:

  • Basic metric counts
  • Research artifacts overview
  • Research artifacts by publication year
  • Sunburst

Basic PlumX reports are publicly available via the PlumX Profiles platform, while analytic reports are password-protected. All data and graphs may be exported to Excel, or as images or PDFs.

To request a username and password to run personal analytic reports, individual faculty may contact the Digital Commons Team.

Learn More about Faculty Reports

See this slideshow overview of PlumX faculty reports, or request a presentation by the Digital Commons Team.


For help, contact the Digital Commons Team at (912) 478-4056 or A member of the Digital Commons Team will contact you as soon as possible during regular business hours.