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Lane Library Virtual Tour: Second Floor

The second floor is the quiet floor, meaning this is the area where we ask for minimal noise. This is the traditional library space. When you go up the main staircase, you’ll see a seating area, a printer, and our special collections room to the right.

This is the only printer upstairs, and it only prints in black and white.

The special collections room, named after Florence Powell Minis, is where we keep rare and unique books, many of which are local to the Savannah area.

These books cannot leave the library and the room stays locked up, but if you need to look at anything inside, just ask a reference librarian! They’ll be happy to let you in to look at whatever you need. Even though the books can’t leave the building, you may use the book scanner or take no-flash pictures of the pages you need.

For more information about each of our reference librarians, click here.

To book an appointment with a reference librarian, click here.

On the second floor is where the bulk of our collection is kept. We have a folio section, a juvenile section, a periodical section, and the main stacks are everything else.

In addition to books, this is where we keep our microfilm collection of newspapers, including the New York Times and Savannah Morning News.

While there are fewer computers upstairs, there are still plenty of desks and seating areas scattered around.

We have three more study rooms upstairs: 218, 219, and 222