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Constitution Day 2021: Augusta University

Georgia Southern Constitution Day activities for 2021.


Events @ Augusta University

To celebrate the anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution, Augusta University's programming will feature a public reading of the Constitution "featuring any students, faculty,  and community members who wish to participate."


The events will be lead by Dr. Martha Ginn, a professor of political science and constitutional law at August University, who will read off the Preamble.

The CSRA League of Women Voters will also be in attendance to offer voter registration and information. 

The full announcement can be found at Augusta University's event portal page hereMore events will be advertised once they are announced.

Cosponsors: University Libraries and Civic Engagement

Augusta U

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This page showcases the events and resources our fellow depository is hosting and has gathered to celebrate Constitution Day.


Constitution Day Resources

Article 1 of the United States Constitution

Augusta University has gathered a collection of resources and activities to help make Constitution Day more engaging. These resources aim to educate readers on the history and importance of the United States Constitution. Click here to check our their page.

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