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A quick start guide to Artstor's key features

Viewing images

Click on a thumbnail in your search results to view an image. On the detail page you can zoom and pan, view the image full screen and compare it with other images.


Comparing images

You can compare up to ten images at once using the comparison mode. You may want to use this feature when presenting in the classroom or conducting research for a paper. You may compare images from a set of search results, an image group, or a collection page:

  • To compare images from search results,  start by opening one of the images you would like to compare.
  • To compare images from an image group, begin by opening the image group and selecting the first image you would like to compare. 
  • To compare images from a collection, begin by opening the collection and selecting one of the images you would like to compare.  

Next, view the image in fullscreen mode:

presenting full screen

Next, select "Compare" in the upper right corner. In the panel on the right, you may select up to 10 images from your search results, image groups, or collection page to view at once.

Clicking "Compare" in the upper right a second time will hide the image thumbnail panel. To exit comparison mode, select "Exit."

Downloading images

You can download images from Artstor as long as you are logged in with your registered account. You may download the entire image or a zoomed detail of the image.

To download a full image, open the image detail page of the image you would like to download. Select the "Download" button on the left, then "Download File."   

To download a zoomed detail, start by zooming in on the detail you would like to download. Select the "Download" button on the left, then "Download View." 

Using "Groups" in Artstor