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Hello everyone!

We have heard from so many of you that you are missing access to your favorite national parks right now. We feel the same and are actively working with our park partners to deliver ways for you to experience parks from the comfort and safety of your home. Welcome to Find Your Virtual Park!

With so much to learn from our parks, every story and lesson is unique! Each new experience -- even a virtual one -- creates a story to share with others. Your stories are what make our parks special. Woven together, they form a patchwork that gives meaning to the landscapes and lessons we appreciate from parks.

While each park enthusiast is unique, the love for our parks is what brings us all together. We’ve tallied the results of our survey, and not surprisingly, we have a passionate community of park supporters!

Based on our National Park Week survey this year, the most loved aspect of parks is protecting natural places. Roughly 98% of you said you loved helping protect natural places in our national parks. Second and third were protecting wildlife and preserving historical objects.

How did your favorite themes stack up? Here are the complete results:

Results ResultsDisplay images to show real-time contentResults

Imagine how much more enriching our parks would be with more of your stories, lessons, and support added to them! National Park Week begins in just six days and is a great way to inspire others to appreciate all the parks have to offer. If you’re still looking for new, digital park experiences, here are some ideas on ways to find your virtual park. 

We hope these magnificent parks and the celebration of National Park Week can bring you some comfort and joy while you are safe at home.


Katherine Chesson

Katherine Chesson
Vice President, Programs and Partnerships

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