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POLS-4031 Human Rights in Asia-Roy: Start Here

This library guide will be used in your course to provide resources for your work in POLS 4031, Human Rights. This is your go-to site for your course readings, videos, learning objectives, and course assessments. Without prior arrangement and permission, any unauthorized sharing of recorded materials is prohibited. This class draws upon case studies from India, Cambodia, China, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and elsewhere. 


Dr. Nalanda Roy

Associate Professor
UH 217

Course Reading

To access the textbook select "View Resource at Ebook Central (ProQuest)-Georgia Southern," after clicking on the link.

If you are off-campus, you will need to sign-in with your MyGeorgiaSouthern account to view the book.


Radio Free Asia Current Events (RSS Feed)

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Librarian contact

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Vivian Bynoe

Developing Search Terms and Phrases

Additional Resources