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Constitution Day 2020: Poster Competition

Georgia Southern University Constitution Day 2020 activities

Poster Competition Gallery

Leanna Collins - 5th Amendment

Zoe'Swanna McGee - 13th Amendment

Jacob Timmons - 15th Amendment

Colin Brister - 18th Amendmet

Deedee Steward - 15th Amendment

Caitlynn Hudson - 24th Amendment

Kameron Swain - 4th Amendment

Lillian Studdard - 6th Amendment

Alexandria Wilson - 8th Amendment

Anna Jones - 19th Amendment

Marti MacGregor - 15th Amendment

Desirae Delk - 11th Amendment

Poster Submission Form

Thank you for your interest in the Constitution Day 2020 Poster Competition, sponsored by Georgia Southern Office of Pre-Law Advising, and hosted by the Georgia Southern Libraries.  

  • Sign up for the competition by filling out the Poster Submission Form and uploading your post and video presentation. Just click the banner!
  • Choose a Constitutional Amendment and illustrate the essential concepts of the Amendment (and its effect on American life/society) relevant to the creation or development of that amendment.

Have questions? Email  Best of luck in the competition!

3 Winners will receive up to $300 in prize money!

1st Prize: $150

2nd Prize: $100

3rd Prize: $50

The winners will be announced at the Constitution Day event on the 17th. Prize money is being provided by the Office of Pre-Law Advising.

1st Place Winner - Sidney Taylor-Reynolds

2nd Place Winner - Delaney Quinn

3rd Place Winner - Blaine Salter

Click here to view Blaine Salter's video presentation.

Canva and Video Tutorials

The Canva tutorial below walks you through how to create a personalized poster about the Constitutional amendment of your choice. Once you have created your poster, you are ready to write your presentation. It should be no more than 3 minutes long and should be submitted as .mp4 or .mov. Finally, submit your poster and presentation using the Poster Submission Form. Submit with your GS email.

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