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Federal Reserve System
by Lori Gwinett, Sam Russell - Last Updated Apr 20, 2015
This Libguide aims to bring the user into familiarity with the Federal Reserve System. It addresses the Federal Reserve System, Central Banking in General, and the End the Fed movement.
Tags: austrian school, banking, banking act, banks, bis, board of governors, central banking, chairman, currency, end the fed, fed, federal reserve, finance, financial crisis, geographical boundaries, gold, imf, inflation, keynesian, money, world bank
President Carter, First Lady Carter, & Presidential Libraries
by Lori Gwinett, Sam Russell - Last Updated Apr 20, 2015
Jimmy Carter served as President from 1977 to 1981. He is notable for his admirable humanitarian efforts following his presidency.First Lady Rosalynn Carter has worked for more than three decades to improve the quality of life for people around the world.
Tags: carter center, first lady, georgia, georgia southern university, governor, habitat for humanity, internships, james earl carter jr., jimmy carter, nobel, peanuts, president, presidential libraries, presidents day, rosalynn carter, volunteer opportunities
The American Flag and Flag Day
by Lori Gwinett, Sam Russell - Last Updated Apr 20, 2015
The American Flag is one of the most important symbols of this country. It has a rich history and has gone through many transformations. We celebrate Flag Day on June 14th.
Tags: america, betsy ross, flag, flag day, georgia southern university, government, gsu, history, june 14, national anthem, pledge of allegiance, united states
U.S. Constitution
by Lori Gwinett, Sam Russell - Last Updated Aug 11, 2014
Important info pertaining to the history of the United States Constitution, it's development, and it's progression throughout the years. Be sure to visit the Constitution Day tab for the current year to see what events are taking place on campus now!
Tags: amendments, america, articles of confederation, bill of rights, constitution day, constitutional convention, declaration of independence, delegates, founding fathers, freedom, georgia southern, gsu, laws, liberty, peace, privacy, security, united states

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