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Library Assessment: Home

resources (including but are not limited to worksheet templates, bibliographies and rubrics, sample reports, and web links) to help evaluate the library's services & resources effectively & efficiently

Library Administration - Assessment Team

  • Dr. W. Bede Mitchell, Dean of the Library
  • Mr. Clement Lau, Associate Dean of the Library
  • Mr. Fred Smith, Department Head, Access Services
  • Ms. Jessica Garner, Associate Department Head, Access Services
  • Mrs. Debra Skinner, Interim Department Head, Collection & Resource Services
  • Ms. Jocelyn Poole, Department Head, Information Services
  • Ms. Ruth Baker, Assistant Department Head, Information Services
  • Mr. David Lowder, Head, Systems



The Zach S. Henderson Library supports Georgia Southern University by providing access to information, collections, and services designed to meet the scholarly needs of the University and the general public. The Library promotes independent lifelong learning, employs a learner-centered service ethic, and ensures a comfortable and secure study environment.


Create and maintain library assessment plan to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of library resources and services provided by the Zach S Henderson Library

  • Access Services
    • Checkout & Reserves
    • Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery
  • Collection & Resource Services
    • Content Management
    • Cataloging & Metadata Management
    • Continuing Resources
    • Special Collections
  • Information Services
    • Government Documents
    • Learning Commons
    • Library Instruction, Reference, & Subject Specialists
  • Systems

Dean of the Library

W. Bede Mitchell's picture
W. Bede Mitchell