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Collection Development: Overview

Describes policies and procedures for adding materials to Library Collections.

Collection Development @ Georgia Southern

The Zach S. Henderson Library welcomes input from Georgia Southern students, faculty, and staff on collection development priorities and decisions. For more information, contact Debra Skinner at

Content Management Policy for Henderson Library

The Zach S. Henderson Library Content Management Policy is intended to assist librarians and departmental library representatives in the selection and management of library materials. It assists the librarians in the decision-making process regarding routine acquisitions of resources, including standing orders, assessments of gifts and exchanges, and in establishing priorities to guide decisions on preservation and deselection. The policy is also in part a response to external factors that make the need for written documentation more urgent. These include: the growth in size and complexity of the publishing world, financial pressures that affect the purchasing power of libraries, the proliferation of alternative non-print formats, and increasing expectations of accountability to library governing entities. Finally, the policy is intended to build better communication lines between classroom faculty and librarians, enabling them to evaluate progress in meeting collection goals.

The full Content Management Policy can be accessed here:

Special Collections: Collection Development Policy

Established in the 1970’s, Special Collections serves as Georgia Southern University’s primary repository for rare, irreplaceable, unique, or otherwise valuable materials which warrant special handling or care to assure their long-term availability. Initially, Special Collections was responsible for acquiring materials that documented the history of the Statesboro, Georgia region, as well as other unique materials that support the curriculum of the University. Special Collections strives to build on current collection strengths as well as encourage new initiatives, such as the addition of University Archives to Special Collections. As of summer 2012, Special Collections also became the official repository for documenting the history of Georgia Southern.

To see the full collection development policy, visit:

Collection Policy Highlights

  • Print Books
    Paperbacks are selected first because of the significant price difference. However, if there is anticipated heavy use of the book or the price difference is minimal, hardcover is preferred. 
  • Electronic Books
    Preferred format is based on the needs of the patrons. Generally, ebooks are preferred in the STEM areas and print books in the humanities. Other considerations include the support of online course curriculum. 
  • Serials (Print/Electronic)
    Serials are purchased or subscribed in all areas of the curriculum, as are those of a popular or current awareness nature. The library continually accept requests for new serial additions to the library. 
  • Textbooks
    The acquisition of textbooks is discouraged. Exceptions are made for those subject areas for which some textbooks provide the best coverage of a subject. The library does not purchase textbooks required for courses.