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However, if you LINK to the box or page, it will be updated automatically when the template is changed

Welcome to the Zach S. Henderson Library!

What Can I Find Here?

We created this LibGuide to assist you with information about the Library's resources, and to guide you in beginning your research.  In this guide, you will find sections (visible as tabs at the top of your screen) that provide information for you on:




Welcome to the Guide for

This guide on _______ is divided into several sections indicated by tabs at the top of the screen:

Home: beginning page for this guide (where you are now) with links to other sections and instructions for using the guide

Reference Sources: Encyclopedia and other reference works 

Books: monographs relating to ____ and journals the library subscribes to in a printed form.

Articles: links to selected online articles (via the Public or "Free Web" and Subscription Databases 

Other Resources: selected web sites and blogs devoted to _____.

Coursescourse descriptions and/or assignment mini-guides

Citing Sources


Proxy Prefix

UPDATED  11-09-16:

Here is the proxy prefix that you should use when you are linking to licensed content in a hard-coded URL (i.e., one you enter manually in a rich-text box). The best practice is to use the A-Z list since C&RS is maintaining those links in a central location  If there are databases you want to link to that have not yet been added to the A-Z list, please get in touch with Jeff Mortimore or Ruth Baker.

Here is the prefix:


If you need to add it to the URL, position the prefix between the first quotation mark " and http://   in the URL so it looks like this:



This will cause users outside of the Georgia Southern campus or portal to be prompted for their username and password.

Note: it is unnecesary to use the proxy prefix for resources that don't require a login such as publicly available web sites or the library catalog.



How To Use this Guide:

Expandable Text

[This code will allow you to create links users can click to reveal explanatory text (toggles on and off).  The primary advantage is to save room on your pages so they are not so "texty" but also lends them an interactive feel]


Edit the script below in the Plain Text Editor, per instructions that follow it

Click to Show/Hide

  1. Go to the guide where you want to add the expandable text:
    • Click Add New Box,
    • Choose a Rich Text box,
    • Give it a name and click Create Box
  2. Click add text.
  3. Click the Plain Text Editor tab.
  4. Copy this code and paste it in the Plain Text Editor box:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function toggleMe(a){
    var e=document.getElementById(a);
    var i = document.getElementById(a + '_image');
    if(!e)return true;
    i.src = 'YOUR OPEN IMAGE URL';
    } else {"none"
    i.src = 'YOUR CLOSED IMAGE URL';
    return false;

    <p><a style="cursor:pointer;" onclick="return toggleMe('para1')"><img id="para1_image" src="YOUR CLOSED IMAGE URL" style="border:0;margin-right:5px;vertical-align:middle;" />Question</a></p>
    <div id="para1" style="display:none;">
    Answer to Question

    You'll be reusing the code from the <p> tag through the </div> tag for each question/answer pair, so highlight and copy that section.
  5. Change the items in bold:
    • YOUR OPEN IMAGE URL and YOUR CLOSED IMAGE URL: Replace these with the URLs for the images you want to appear when a question is open and closed. To use the green arrows in the example below, insert for the OPEN IMAGE URL and for the CLOSED IMAGE URL.
    • para1 in 2 places: these names must match and they must be different for each entry.
      So, if I had a question on library fines, I might change para1 to fines in both places.
      If I had another question on using the library catalog, I might change para1 to catalog.
      I could also choose to just use numeric increments for each entry: para1, para2, etc.
    • Question: Add the text of your question here.
    • Answer to Question: Add the answer to your question here.
  6. Add another Question/Answer pair:
    • Paste the code you copied earlier (<p> tag through </div> tag).
    • Change the items in bold, as mentioned above. Be sure to change para1 to something different than the first entry. Otherwise, clicking this question will display the answer for the first question.
    • Repeat these steps for all of your question/answer pairs, ensuring you use a different name for each one.
  7. Click Save Changes.
    You may need to refresh your page to see the content.

Video Tour of the Henderson Library

This video takes you on a tour of all four floors of the building. One change since it was created is that the bound periodicals from 2010 to present are located on the 2nd floor for your convenience. All earlier issues of our bound periodical collection is stored in the Automated Retrieval Collection or ARC.

What's New

  • Home: Snippets: frequently needed links & text (8-19-13)
  • Citation Tools: Updates Code of Conduct Link (8-19-13)
  • Databases/Articles: Database List: added proxy prefix to URLs (in Plain Text Editor) (8-16-13)
  • Library Video on YouTube ( )

how to format a box title

Here is the format to enter in "Edit Box Info" for the box title to make the title:

a hyperlink

<a href="URL">Title</a>


for URL, paste in Galileo "Express Link"; remember to paste the proxy prefix in front of the URL for licensed databases (Note: you can find the proxy prefix in the center column of this page)

]for Title enter the name of the Database]











You can also stack the tags--for example, here is how you would format  a title that is both bold and italicized:



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