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Henderson Library Study Room Reservations: Home

This guide provides information on study rooms available for reservation at the Zach S. Henderson Library.

Reservations Open January 13, 2020

Study Room Reservation Pilot Program

Changes have come to the Study Room Reservation Program! Thanks to the feedback from our students, we have made a slight adjustment to the study room reservation program for Spring of 2020. This semester, patrons can make reservations continuously throughout the day, as before. However, every day at 6 am we will print the daily schedule for each room which will reflect any reservations made up to that point. Reservations made after 6 am are still valid, they just will not appear on the printed room schedule. This change is to assist students who wish to have a clearer demonstration of their room schedule available for drop-in students. The current schedule can always be viewed on this page and on the MAC computer on the first floor outside of the study rooms. 

Booking a Study Room

All study rooms on the first floor are available to current Georgia Southern University Students. Presentation Practice Rooms are available to current Students, Faculty, and Staff. All study rooms have a white board, a computer, 6 chairs, and white-board table. Visit the circulation desk to check out dry-erase markers. 

To view space availability and book a room, you can look at the schedule below. Or click the button below. 

Accessing Your Booked Room

Study room access is managed by you, the students. If someone is occupying the room when you arrive at your reserved time, inform them of the reservation and ask them to vacate the room. 

Pilot Program Feedback